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Repertoire MASQUES

Ensemble Masques
Programmes for

1. Intimate Bach
Masques is happy to present a new program entirely dedicated to J.S. Bach in which come together 7 musicians and the German baryton Benjamin Appl. Composed of sinfonias and cantatas arias, as well as instrumental pieces, the concert ends on the splendid and intimist cantata « Ich Habe Genug » BWV 82, in which the melodic lines of the oboe and the voice mix together perfectly.
1h45 with break  - 7 musicians – 1 vocal soloist (Benjamin Ampl, baryton)

2. Burlesque  Bach : between beer and coffee (short version)
« Coffee » Cantata BWV 211 and « Peasants » Cantata BWW 212
Composed, for the first one, for the entertainment of the famous Zimmermann café clients and for the second one for the  36th birthday party of Carl Heinrich von Dieskau, taxes superintendent who inherited  numbers of properties not far from Leipzig. Those two cantatas display – as miniature operetta – ludicrous characters, their preoccupations and their interests.  A universe in which soloists and Ensemble Masques’ musicians share with joy a comic Bach who entertains, putting into music protagonists with human characteristics known by all.
1h without break – 3 vocal soloists – 8 musicians

3. Burlesque  Bach : between beer and coffee (long version)
« Coffee » Cantata BWV 211 and « Peasants » Cantata BWW 212
Concerti for 2 harpsichords BWV 1060 and BWV 1062
1h45 with break – 3 vocal soloists – 8 musicians (including 2 soloists on harpsichord)

4. Bach : Ouverture–suites in their first chamber version
As is true of so many of Bach’s familiar works, his Orchestral Suites had more than one incarnation. Three were in fact played at the time with reduced forces, as chamber pieces with one musician per part, and without the forceful elements of trumpet and timpani. Rounding out the programme is a suite once thought to have been written by Bach’s father, but which turns out to belong to his brilliant son Wilhelm Friedemann.
1h30 with break – 9 musicians

5. Bach : concerti for two harpsichords
Most likely played by Bach and his sons, the concerti for two harpsichords are simultaneously jubilant and scholarly works. Greatly influenced by Italian music, Bach was inspired by themes used by violinists of his time, transposing them to the keyboard with the genius he was known for.  The great prelude and fugue “Sainte-Anne” in E flat major BWV 552 transcribed for two harpsichords completes this program
1h30 with break – 5 musicians & 2 soloists (Olivier Fortin and Emmanuel Frankenberg)

New CD : « Bach : Concerti à deux clavecins »* : 2020 (*Bach : 2 harpsichords concerti)

6. Bach and Couperin for two harpsichords
Recital program for 2 harpsichords : pieces from Bach and Couperin
1h without break – Emmanuel Frankenberg & Olivier Fortin, harpsichords

7. The Grand Tour
Masques offers a concert that transports the listener on a musical voyage which includes stops in the great cities of France, Italy and Germany, where works by Rameau, Couperin, Vivaldi, Bach and Telemann were performed. Guided by the words of those very travelers, this program not only situates the music in its creative context, but also sheds new light on the period and places visited.
Also available, with an actor of your choice: in French, English, Flemish and German version
1h45 with break – 7- 8 musicians – 1 actor

8. Telemann’s Musical Theater
Telemann’s Theatrical Overture-Suites, which are featured in this programme recorded by Masques for ALPHA Classics, takes its inspiration from French music, but also literature, folklore, street music, geography, or even the weather, everything was fair game to this baroque genius, who was a brilliant observer of the world around him. Masques brings to life all facets of human experience captured by Telemann in music that is full of tenderness, wit, theatre and infinite invention.
1h45 with break – 6 musicians

9. The world before Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach is certainly one of the most important composers in music history. Bach is so universally admired that it is hard to imagine a world without his music. But there was indeed a musical world before Bach, a world in which lived numbers of musicians who influenced the infamous Cantor of Leipzig. In this program, Masques unveils these foundations to discover an astonishing atmosphere in this world before Bach, a breathtaking, rich and innovative musical landscape.
1h30 with break – 6 musicians

10. Couperin and Rameaux « en concert »
Masques dives into the core of French baroque music in a program headlining two of his masters, François Couperin and Jean-Philippe Rameau. Masques presents in this program two of Couperin’s famous Concerts Royaux. Born nearly 15 years after Couperin, Jean-Philippe Rameau, in his unique publication of chamber music, les Pièces de clavecin en concerts, gives the main part to the harpsichord and the accompaniment to the melodic instruments such as the violin, the flute and the viola da gamba.
1h30 with break ( also possible without break) - 4-5 musicians

11. Musical recreation
Masques propose an intimate program of French music from 17th and 18th centuries for 3 musicians bringing out each instrument (violin, viola da gamba, harpsichord) in a soloist role.
1h30 with break ( also possible without break) - 3 musicians

12. Creation 2020
Ensemble Masques (direction Olivier Fortin) creates in 2020, co-production with Midsummer Festival de Hardelot and la Cité de la Voix de Vézelay and Ensemble Zene, the 1720 version of the oratorio Esther de G.F. Handel, inspired by Racine’s tragedy.