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www.granma.cubanet.cu 17/12/2009: Zollman, Sowing a Seed
…Zollman sowed a seed in both the musicians and the public that attended the concert he directed at the Amadeo Roldán Theater: A lesson on what is expected from an orchestra conductor faced with a style. In his hands, Mozart was a living being, as if the genius from Salzburg would have written his scores for the people of today.
Zollman’s final selection was Symphony 38 in D Major, K. 504 - ..Recurrent in the concert programs, the public knew it and ended by acknowledging the devotion of the director and his disciples as one of the best performances ever made in the Havana auditorium. The alternation of exultant and calm passages, the balance between the Apollo-like dimension and the dance spirit, and the contrast between discursive tensions and the melodic delight, were exemplary present all the time. And there’s something that didn’t go unnoticed: Zollman’s gestures. There are directors who insist on time beating, as if they were metronomes; there are others who exaggerate at the podium. Zollman’s hands draw scores with minimum suggestions. They rather transmit a state of confidence. That’s another lesson.-  Pedro De La Hoz

www.hudebnirozhledy.scena.cz: December 2008
...On the rostrum was the Dutch  conductor Ronald Zollman, somebody who is particularly keen on music of our time. (…) First of all he drew very trustfully , along with the Philharmonic , the  outlines of Ligeti’s Atmosphères, and I admired the sense of  lines expressed by the individual musicians.
The concert’s second part opened with Orpheus by Liszt. In this work, Zollman was able to sculpt the music thanks to very noble gestures, giving to this work the right  antique stature, thanks to the musical motion of smooth and suggestive sonorities. And finally, he was full of life in the suite from Bartok’s Miraculous Mandarin... It was fascinating to see how the members of the Philharmonic gave their best under the conductor’s directions, and to experience their  enthusiasm while discovering the  work’s instrumental lines and the various soli. All the performers deserved the public’s unanimous and enthusiastc  applause .... - Miloš Pokora                                                              

La Nacion  17/05/2007 : Estupenda dirección para la Filarmónica
…Pero lo más notorio y cardinal de este recital es que en el podio estuvo un director estupendo que demostró, una vez más, que la Filarmónica puede sonar muy bien si se la conduce como lo hizo Ronald Zollman.
…Zollman, con una gestualidad muy precisa y con un conocimiento cabal de la partitura, se atuvo a la calidad de sus componentes teatrales y construyó una interpretación impecable ubicando en primer plano los conflictos dramáticos, en tono de comedia, de la sinfonía. …La obsesiva y ultraminuciosa orquestación de Ravel encontró una lectura atenta de Zollman y una realización impecable por parte la orquesta en su conjunto y por cada uno de los solistas que deben asumir tareas puntuales. La obra pasó bella y breve con los mejores colores, con todas las exactitudes y con los fraseos más convincentes. - Pablo Kohan