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NEWS - September 2021

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bbc mm awards 2021

The winners of the 16th annual BBC Music Magazine Awards have been announced, with The Tallis Scholars winning both Recording of the Year and the Choral Award. The vocal group’s recording of Josquin masses is the ninth and final album in its acclaimed Josquin series, the first of which was released 34 years ago in 1987. This winning recording completes what is the longest project of its kind in recorded music history. More news

mm award tallis scholars
danish string q

NewYorkTimes 1/04/2021 : CD Prism III - Danish String Quartet … Minor keys color this album with a darker beauty than its predecessors, the tone set by the slow, mournful fugue at the start of Beethoven’s Opus 131. This recording isn’t eager to please. For all the mood swings of the work’s seven uninterrupted movements, the Danes are judicious about the emotions. The stark fugue thus aches more naturally than in other readings; pizzicatos, without added sweetness, ring with irony.
Fugue in C-sharp minor (BWV 849) -… The group treats it as a searching, sorrowful colloquy, both an echo and an ancestor of the Beethoven and Bartok, ending with an exhalation of harmonious resolution. Joshua Barone – Review in full


Crescendo magazine 15/04/2021: Le Quatuor Modigliani radieux dans trois chefs-d’œuvre de Haydn, Bartók et Mozart  - Haydn Quatuor Op. 76 N° 2 - … La vigueur est là, mais maîtrisée. Ils ne refusent pas l’expression, mais toujours dans la sobriété. Le drame peut même pointer, mais sans pathos. L’humour ne manque pas non plus, mais tout en finesse. Et puis, quelle élégance, quelle légèreté, quel soin du détail, quel équilibre !   Pierde Carrive - Article

el bacha

The new recording of Abdel Rahman El Bacha with  « Scherzi et ballades » of Frederic Chopin has been released!

Télérama Mars 2021 : -  Beau geste.  Scherzi et ballades de Chopin, dans un même élan, par le très inspiré Abdel-Rahman El Bacha
….Grâce à un jeu féerique, fluide et léger, inquiet ou extatique selon les étapes du voyages, et toujours très incarné.  
S. Bourdais
You can listen to Abdel Rahman El Bacha on Soundcloud

concerts de la loge

Le Concert de la Loge.
Their new recording has been released some weeks ago and they already received great reviews!
More about this album and their concerts here


The newest album of Contrapunctus.

Stretto 21/02/2021 : CD’s “Music from the Baldwin Partbooks I, II & III”, door Contrapunctus o.l.v. Owen Rees, op het label Signum Classics. Magistraal! …Deze goddelijke klankwereld, onvoorstelbaar mooi, op deze cd’s, magistraal gezongen door “Contrapunctus”, evoceert de indrukwekkende muzikale pracht van de pre-Reformatorische Kerk in Engeland. …. Meteen aanschaffen. Michel Dutrieu - Artikel
Musicweb-international February 2021: CD The Sweetest Songs - Music From the Baldwin Partbooks III - It’s Contrapunctus at their best again. …, this music is like balm for the soul, and it sounds sensationally good in the way these artists have brought it to life. Simon Thompson – Review in full


Rinaldo Alessandrini plays Bach Klavierwerke.

Roccowan 4/04/2021 : CD Bach Klavierwerke - …. As to Alessandrini’s playing, it’s always flexible, never caged by bar lines. In a word, superb.  Robccowan - Review in full
 The Arts Desk 27/03/2021 : CD Bach: Klavierwerke Rinaldo Alessandrini  -
… Alessandrini is superb in the finale, the different voices perfectly characterised. You’re continually surprised at Bach’s originality, the sudden C major cadence ending an extract from The Musical Offering a delicious surprise. A clever, joyous collection.   Graham Rickson – Review in full

piotr anderzewski

Piotr Anderszewski newest Bach recording has been released. You can read some great reviews here

Anna Vinnitskaya The new recording of Anna Vinnitskaya, with work of Chopin,has been released! Some great reviews can be read here