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Repertoire MARKUS GROH



BARTÓK                 Piano Concerto No.1
BARTÓK                 Piano Concerto No.2
BARTÓK                 Piano Concerto No.3
BEETHOVEN          Piano Concertos
BEETHOVEN          No.1 in C major Op.15
BEETHOVEN          No.2 in B flat major Op.19
BEETHOVEN          No.3 in C minor Op.37
BEETHOVEN          No.4 in G major Op.58
BEETHOVEN          No.5 in E flat major Op.73 in E flat major WoO 4
BEETHOVEN          Concerto for Piano, Violin and Violoncello in C major Op.56
BEETHOVEN          Choral Fantasy in C minor Op.80
BEETHOVEN          Rondo in B flat major for Piano & Orchestra WoO 6
BEETHOVEN          Transcription of the Violin Concerto
BRAHMS                Piano Concertos
BRAHMS                No.1 in D minor Op.15
BRAHMS                No.2 in B flat major Op.83
BRAHMS                Transcription of the Double Concerto in A minor op.102 for piano and orch
BRITTEN                Piano Concerto
CHOPIN                  Piano Concertos
CHOPIN                  No.1 in E minor Op.11
CHOPIN                  No.2 in F minor Op.21
GRIEG                     Piano Concerto in A minor Op.16
GERSHWIN             Concerto in F
GERSHWIN             Rhapsody in Blue
HAYDN                    Piano Concertos Hob.XVIII:
HAYDN                    No.3 in F major
HAYDN                    No.4 in G major
HAYDN                    No.11 in D major
HINDEMITH            Concert Music for Piano, Brass and Harps, op. 49
HINDEMITH            Piano Concerto (1945)
JANACEK               Concertino (1925)
LISZT                       Piano Concertos
LISZT                       No.1 in E flat major
LISZT                       No.2 in A major
LISZT                       Totentanz (Danse macabre) for Piano and Orchestra
LISZT                       Malédiction for Piano and Strings
MENDELSSOHN    Piano Concertos
MENDELSSOHN    No.1 in G minor Op.25
MENDELSSOHN    No.2 in D minor Op.40
MENDELSSOHN    Rondo brillant Op.29 in E flat major
MESSIAEN             Le Réveil des Oiseaux
MOZART                 Piano Concertos
MOZART                 No.5 in D major K.175
MOZART                 No.7 in F major K.242 for 3 pianos
MOZART                 No.8 in C major K.246
MOZART                 No.9 in E flat major K.271
MOZART                 No.10 in E flat major K. 365 for 2 pianos
MOZART                 No.11 in F major K.413
MOZART                 No.12 in A major K.414
MOZART                 No.13 in C major K.415
MOZART                 No.14 in E flat major K.449
MOZART                 No.15 in B flat major K.450
MOZART                 No.16 in D major K.451
MOZART                 No.17 in G major K.453
MOZART                 No.19 in F major K.459
MOZART                 No.20 in D minor K.466
MOZART                 No.21 in C major K. 467
MOZART                 No.22 in E flat major K.482
MOZART                 No.23 in A major K.488
MOZART                 No.24 in C minor K.491
MOZART                 No.25 in C major K.503
MOZART                 No.27 in B flat major K.595
PFITZNER               Piano Concerto in E flat major Op.31
PROKOFIEV           Piano Concertos
PROKOFIEV           No.1 in D flat major Op.10
PROKOFIEV           No.3 in C major Op.26
RACHMANINOV    Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op.43
RAVEL                    Piano Concerto in G major
SAINT-SAËNS       Concerto No.2 in G minor, op.22
SAINT-SAËNS       Concerto No.4 in C minor, op.44
SCHUMANN           Piano Concerto in A minor Op.54
SCHUMANN           Konzertstück (Introduktion und Allegro appassionato) in G major Op.92
SCHUMANN           Konzert-Allegro (Introduktion und Allegro) in D minor Op.134
SHOSTAKOVICH   Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and String Orchestra Op.35
SHOSTAKOVICH   Piano Concerto in F major Op.102
R. STRAUSS          Burleske in D minor
TCHAIKOVSKY      Piano Concerto no.1 in B flat minor, Op.23
TCHAIKOVSKY      Piano Concerto no.2 in G major Op.44
WEBER                   Konzertstück in F minor Op.79
WEEKS                   Requiescat

Concertos for 2, 3 and 4 Pianos :
BACH                      Concerto in d minor for 3 pianos, BWV 1063
BACH                      Concerto in a minor for 4 pianos, BWV 1065
MOZART                 Concerto in E flat major for 2 pianos, K. 365
MOZART                 Concerto in F major for 3 pianos, K. 242